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      1. Apply Now!

        Our Mission:

        The Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network engages citizen scientists in the process of collecting quantitative data on butterfly populations. Our goal is to provide data collected with a standardized protocol that allows land managers to evaluate long-term trends in a changing landscape. The Network also offers opportunities for fellowship, mentorship, and continuing education between citizen scientists and professional biologists.

        Check out the About Us page to learn more about how to join the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network.

        Butterfly Monitoring Season and Summer Workshop

        Greetings Butterfly Monitors,

        It hardly seems possible, but the butterfly monitoring season is nearly at hand. People in southern Illinois have already begun monitoring. Up here in the north, the season this year officially begins Saturday May 26. A few people have started collecting data already. Please remember to get a minimum of 6 surveys in between May 26 and August 8.

        You can download field forms at , and now at PollardBase. To find the forms on PollardBase, scroll down on the page where you sign in.

        Also, I’d like to announce our summer workshop:

        Recommended for: All interested parties
        Description: The annual IBMN field experience will take place Saturday, July 7th (rain date July 14th), at Gensburg-Markham Prairie. Come hone your identification skills with us. In addition to representatives from the top 25 species, we expect rarities such as two-spot skippers, dion skippers, and Acadian hairstreaks. If we are really lucky we might even get to see a byssus skipper.
        Location: Gensburg-Markham Prairie. Go north from Route 6 on Whipple Ave (next to the McDonalds). A small parking lot is at the end of Whipple.
        Date and time: Saturday, July 7th, 2018. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. (rain date July 14th)
        Registration: Registration is recommended but not required. Call Allen Lawrance at 773-755-5131 or e-mail him.

        We hope to see you there!